Husqvarna Aerators

Husqvarna Aerators are like a fresh breeze to your lawn!

It’s hard to avoid it. There comes a time when the soil underneath your lawn becomes so dense and compact it will affect the growth negatively. An aerator can help you improve the porosity of the soil, enable drainage and encourages worms - a real health cure for your lawn.

Husqvarna AeratorsCompact design

The compact design, together with the folding handle, detachable weights and special lifting handle make loading and transport easy.

Rear-wheel control

Rear-wheel control, allowing adjustment of working depth and settings, for maximum stability.

Husqvarna - Aerators - TA36
HUSQVARNA TA36 Husqvarna towable aerators have the capacity to aerate up to four acres per hour. ..
Husqvarna - Aerators - TA48
HUSQVARNA TA48 Husqvarna towable TA48 aerator has the capacity to aerate up to 2.9 acres per hour..
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