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Silky Pole Saw Zubat 2700

Product description

Prune like a professional with the Zubatpole saw! This pole saw is lightweight and easily maneuverable, even at great heights and in densely grown spaces. The sawing itself is easy, quick and safe. No goofing around on a ladder, but firmly with both feet on the ground.

You can effortlessly prune trees all day long without getting tired, because sawing with the Zubatpole saw requires hardly any energy. Just lay the blade on the branch and let the weight of the saw do the work. The razor-sharp teeth will saw through the thickest branches in no-time and leave behind a smooth tree wound.

As the aluminum pole is oval-shaped, you have a very precise control over the direction of the blade. Moreover, this shape gives more strength and rigidity over the full length of the pole saw, and reduces bending to a minimum. With a retracted length of just 1750 mm, the saw can easily be stowed and taken along.

The two locking mechanisms (pushbuttons and levers) together create the safest and most stable locking of the preferred pole length. The lowest pole part is covered with rubber for a comfortable and safe grip. The bumper at the bottom protects the pole from bumps or thrusts.

Always think of your own safety: make sure you stand at a safe distance from falling branches and wear a safety helmet and eye protection.

The name Zubatderives from the sound that a Samurai sword makes when it hits its target. Users of this saw will know why.

Optionally available is a HookFox to mount underneath the blade. With this hook you easily pull down sawn off branches that get stuck in the tree.

Description series

The Zubatpole saw is available in 3 extended lengths: 2700 – 3300 and 3900 mm.

The Zubatpole saw will be delivered with a tailor-made plastic cover that protects the blade.

Did you know that the blade is interchangeable with that of the Zubathand saw? This nifty feature enables you to use the saw as a pole saw and a handsaw!

Technical specifications

  •     Authentic Premium Japanese Steel
  •     Blade length: 330 mm
  •     Teeth: 7.5 teeth per 30 mm
  •     Dimensions extended: 2650 x 150 x 45 mm
  •     Dimensions retracted: 1750 x 150 x 55 mm
  •     Weight: 1360 g
  •     Kerf: 1.4 mm
  •     Radius: 650

The blade must be kept clean to maintain its efficiency.

Resin dissolves in olive oil, which is an effective and environmental friendly way to maintain the blade with.

When not using the saw, make sure it is fully dry before retracting the poles.

Slide the cover over the blade and store the pole saw at a dry place.

Do not forget to frequently check whether the screws on the blade are still properly tightened.



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