Husqvarna Lawn Mowers

Husqvarna Lawn Mowers    

We offer you a wide range of lawn mowers and different cutting methods. Regardless of what challenges you are facing, you will get the job done, with a first class result.

Save your back - and time

All our lawn mowers are efficient and provide excellent ergonomics. So whether you choose a model with a single or variable transmission you can expect a reliable performance for your needs. Your Husqvarna lawn mower will prevent you from getting unnecessary muscle tension and injuries. And what is more – it will give you a pleasant experience close to nature. In one of our lawn mowers you will have an accomplished and confident partner. The compact design will give you excellent manoeuvrability and the vibration-damped handles make the operation ergonomic. A robust framework and elaborate details also means extended durability and easy maintenance.

Designed with confidence

All our lawn mowers are equipped with a one-piece cutting deck, straight from the stamping line. This means no welded parts - a feature that will bring you torsion stiffness and enable you to operate with stability. A one-piece cutting deck also means a tolerant and durable performance.

Get the perfect touch on your lawn

One step towards a perfect lawn is that perfect length. Your Husqvarna mower will be quick and easy to adjust, with just one lever you control the whole deck. Excellent versatility thanks to the two-in-one cutting system - collection and Bioclip (mulching).






Husqvarna - Mowers - LC118
HUSQVARNA LC118 A robust but easy to use lawn mower with 46cm (18”) deck, powerful OHV engine and..
Husqvarna - Mowers - LC219P
HUSQVARNA LC219P Versatile and powerful lawn mower that is easy to start and delivers a superior ..
Husqvarna - Mowers - LC141Li BATTERY (KIT)
HUSQVARNA LC141i BATTERY (KIT) Ideal for homeowners or for trimming complex areas, this intuitive..
Husqvarna - Mowers - LC347iVX (SKIN)
HUSQVARNA LC347iVX BATTERY MOWER (SKIN) Battery lawn mower with increased cutting width and dual ..
Husqvarna - Mowers - LC419A
HUSQVARNA LC419A A high performance lawn mower with a large 48cm allow cutting deck for long life..
Husqvarna - Mowers - LC419SP SELF PROPELLED
HUSQVARNA LC419SP SELF PROPELLED High quality, self-propelled lawn mower with a durable alloy cut..
Husqvarna - Mowers - LC19AP
HUSQVARNA LC19AP A commercial quality lawn mower with a large 48cm (19”) alloy cutting deck plus ..
Husqvarna - Mowers - LB548Se
HUSQVARNA LB548Se  LB548Se is a solid and rugged walk behind mower for daily professional us..
Husqvarna - Mowers - LB553Se
HUSQVARNA LB548Se  Husqvarna LB 553S e is a reliable and dedicated BioClip® mower, designed ..
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