Husqvarna PPE Gear

Husqvarna Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Husqvarna’s range of protective clothing and equipment is designed with the same craftsmanship and attention to details as our tools. And because we make the machines you’re using, we know exactly how to make the clothing and equipment that helps you use them best.

Husqvarna - Classic Gloves Light
HUSQVARNA CLASSIC GLOVES – LIGHT A slim fit multi-use glove providing all-round protection a..
Husqvarna - Protective glasses, Clear X
Protective glasses with non-scratch, clear lenses. With frames that can be extended and lenses that ..
Husqvarna - Protective glasses, Sun X
Protective glasses with non-scratch, grey tinted lenses with UV-protection for better vision in sunn..
Husqvarna - Hygiene Kit for FM radio
Comfortable hearing protectors with a design that allows 20% adjustment of pressure against the head..
Husqvarna - Mesh Visor-Nylon
Mesh visor, Nylon ..
Husqvarna - Premium Earmuff with Headband
HUSQVARNA PREMIUM EARMUFF WITH HEADBAND These hearing protectors were developed for optimal erg..
Husqvarna - Technical Gloves with Saw Protection
HUSQVARNA TECHNICAL GLOVES WITH SAW PROTECTION A Technical glove with chainsaw protection 20m/s. ..
Husqvarna Forest Helmet (KIT)
HUSQVARNA FOREST HELMET KIT Polycarbonate helmet, made in Australia, and supplied with hearing pr..
Husqvarna Arborist Helmet Kit
Arborist Helmet Kit Lightweight and ventilated helmet for professional arborists, approved for wo..
Husqvarna - FM Radio Earmuff
HUSQVARNA FM RADIO EARMUFFS WITH ADAPTOR Hearing protection with FM radio. The headband design ce..
Husqvarna Pro Chaps
HUSQVARNA PRO CHAPS  Husqvarna Pro Chainsaw Chaps feature a lightweight, breathable poly-cot..
Husqvarna Protective Boot (Garden) - Technical
HUSQVARNA PROTECTIVE BOOT (GARDEN) – TECHNICAL Highly comfortable protective boot made with ..
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