Husqvarna Riders

Husqvarna Riders

With the front-mounted cutting deck and articulated steering, it’s hard to find places where a Husqvarna Rider isn’t able to reach. The combination of control, comfort and efficiency will not only make your work easier – you’ll also enjoy the ride. All ride-on mowers use Husqvarna’s patented Bio-Clip® feature which produces a superior mulching result and an exceptional professional finish.

30 years of innovation and development

From its humbel beginnings in the simple question "How do you turn on a dime?" The Husqvarna Rider concept has come a long way in 30 years. Discover how a simple toy became the turning point for flexible lawn mowing.

Designed for the tight spots

The unique articulated steering of Husqvarna Riders allows the rear wheels to swing in underneath the machine. The result is great maneuverability and intuitive operation — which means driving around obstacles will be easy.

Better view, better reach

Thanks to the front-mounted cutting-deck, with its low profile, you will not only avoid running over the grass before cutting it, you’ll also have a complete overview of the working area, allowing you to easily trim edges and reach into corners or under other obstacles.

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